ChitChatChimp Quick Start - Step 3 - Create/Edit A Bot

Create/Edit A Bot - New Bot 

Bot Settings:

See the below for a description of each field (you can find each very easily using your browser search facility)

What the customer sees:


  • Domain: If you purchased the Starter or Smarter License, you must specify here the domain(s) on which the bot is going to be active. Enter the domain name - as purchased or as allocated by your page builder.  eg
    • Own domain purchased via domain registry:
    • Leadpages: 

  • Bot Name: This is who your customers will chat to.  We hope you have chatted to Chit Chat Chimp!
  • Bot Ref: This is so you know what the bot's purpose is - you can have several bots with the same name but we recommend different BOT REF so you can identify each bot

  • Tagline: This appears above the bot chat area
  • Tab/Chat Position:You can select whether your chatbox bot will pop up to left or right of the screen
  • Answer Delay: This is the minimum delay in seconds that the bot will take to answer a question.  It can range from None to 5 or it can be set to RANDOM (which generates a random number of seconds between 1 and 3 every time the bot answers).

  • Bot Color: The background color you want for your bot
  • Text: The color you want the text to appear on the background color
  • Avatar
    • Source: You have a choice of None/Built In/Gravatar/Upload. 
      • None: nothing
      • Built in: When you select this option the "Choose" button appears. When you click on it you are shown a series of avatars you can choose for your bot
        There are 7 Regular Avatars for which are available to all ChitChatChimp users and another 40 or so for PRO users
      • Gravatar: When you select this option the "Gravatar" button appears When you click on it you are able to enter the email address associated with the gravatar you wish to be shown for your bot
      • Upload: When you select this option the "Upload" button appearsClick on this, browse to where you image is stored and select it.  The Avatar image should be 220x220px
    • Shape: Choose Circle or Square
    • Your chosen Avatar in the chosen shape is displayed

  • Appear: For a Regular account, your Bot will not auto-appear. It appears only when the visitor clicks the bot's tab.
  • Appear: PRO users have more flexibility here
    • Auto Appear
      • On Timer: Select the number of seconds to wait before the bot appears.  This is ideal for ecommerce sites and sales pages - maybe the bot can pop up and offer a discount
      • On Scroll: Select the percentage of the whole page that must be scrolled before the bot appears, and on which side of the page it will appear. This is ideal for blogs, articles, etc - when the bot can acknowledge the reader's interest in the topic
      • Exit Intent: This is for catching a viewer as they move the mouse up the page toward the "close window" button.  The Exit Intent will only trigger once per visit to a page by a viewer and will not pop up if the viewer has "interacted" with the page, eg: played a video on the page, etc
        The bot can appear as a ChatBox or a PopUp
    • Dim Screen: For any of the Auto Appear options you can select whether to dim the main screen and have your bot like a "light box" or not
    • Hide: If you select YES for Hide then the chatbox window will remain hidden until it is triggered by either a) exit intent window opening and then being closed,  b) auto appear delay or c) auto appear scroll.

  • Chatbox Greeting Text: This is the text that the bot will use to greet your customers

  • Exit Intent Greeting Text: This is the text the bot will use to greet customers when the bot appears according to your "Exit Intent" options (PRO users only)

  • Email Me: PRO accounts ONLY 
    If the customer enters his email address into the chat box at any time - either with a request for more information or in reply to the bot's prompting, the bot will: 
    1.  Store the email address the customer entered in the chat history and flag the chat in the CHATS list
    2.  Send an email to the address specified in the Email Address field - UNLESS Notify is set to NO 
    3.  Reply to the customer with the " Email Acknowledge" text.
    The person monitoring the email entered in this option will
    1.  Receive the email  2.   On opening the email, all the relevant information is included - but we do advise checking for any chat which may have occurred after the customer gave his email address
  • Enable AR Integration: PRO Accounts ONLY
    When someone types an email address into your bot it does as described above  for the "Email Me" feature BUT it also adds that email address to your autoresponder as well.  Be sure to set up the connection to your autoresponder service on your ACCOUNT page first

  • ChatJack: This feature is only available for UNLIMITED accounts.  You can place your chat bot on many 3rd party sites. (NOT Google and other news/current affairs sites who have iframes disabled!)  
    • URL: This is the full URL of the site you want your chat bot to appear on - including the http//: or https//: as appropriate
    • Title: This is the title of the tab you want shown when customers visit the site through your link.  Please read Chit Chat Chimp Codes to see how you get and use your link

  • Fallback Replies: This is the reply, or series of replies, you want your Chat Bot to give when the customer asks a question you haven't trained him to answer.  If you put multiple replies here, they are randomly selected to display in response to unanswered questions
  • Pre-Loaded Questions: 
    • As you train one bot you can choose to save the  Q&A to a "Shared" section.  For each bot you can choose whether the bot should search these questions for answers if all else fails in the bot specific questions.
    • Your ChitChatChimp Account came with generic questions and answers.  For each bot you can choose whether the bot should search these questions for answers if all else fails in the bot specific questions and the shared questions, if selected
  • "Powered By..." Branding: Please check out the detailed information in the article Branding Option for ChitChat Chimp

For More Information please check this out:

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