Branding Option for ChitChat Chimp

There is a paid for option to remove the "Powered by ChitChatChimp" branding from your Chat Bot.

To purchase this option, click the blue button 

This will take you to the payment processor where you can pay this one-time fee.  Once you have done this, please log out of your account and log back in again.  Your account should have been upgraded.  You can check by going to choose the options!  If you have any issues, please clear cache and cookies and try again before contacting support using the orange beacon in the bottom right of your screen.

Once you have purchased this option you can select the branding text for each of your chat bots.  At the bottom of the Bot Settings on the NEW BOT page you will see the Powered By Branding options

  • CCC: will set this to our branding - and is the default
  • None: Nothing will be shown
  • Custom: You specify the wording and the URL to be visited if the link is clicked

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