What Can I do With Bonus Chimp Bonuses?

We've purposely made this is simple and as "hands free" as possible. We've found that having to edit and update reports and graphic files manually slows people down and serves only to detract from the end result - which is rapid list building and instant sales/conversion growth. It also means you won't have to spend a second downloading files, editing reports, re-working content, finding links and then re-uploading/hosting all those files, editing graphics or ANYTHING else. We do it ALL for you! All you will need to do is copy/paste your links 

It's that simple... 

We understand that some folks require additional editorial flexibility (if that's you, then Bonus Chimp is not be the solution you need).

  • You can use the bonuses yourself (these are great reports so dive in every month for great tips, advice and strategies to apply in your own business!)
  • You can give away the bonuses as lead magnets to rapidly build your lists.
  • You can offer the bonuses with affiliate promotions to boost commissions.
  • You can add bonuses to your shopping cart/sales pages to boost conversions.
  • You can include bonuses in your membership (free or paid) and reduce churn.
  • You can sell the bonuses on their own or in bundles with other products.