Conversion Gorilla Bar Examples

So you can see the possibilities of Conversion Gorilla , we have created a Demo for Standard, Lead Machine and Social Share bars and placed them on a demo page. All links open in a new tab.

In this article:

Standard Bars:

  1. Simple Message Bar:
  2. Simple Message Bar With Countdown:
  3. Feature Bar With Button:
  4. Feature Bar With Countdown:
  5. Hero Bar With Button:
  6. Hero Bar With Countdown:
  7. Video Hero Bar:   uses direct page: with script embedded for sticky
  8. Light Opacity Demo:
  9. Close on Button Click with Gradient:
  10. Exit Intent Only (attempt to leave the page to see it):

Lead Machine Add-On Bars:

Demo 11  Standard Lead Machine Bar:
Demo 12  Lead Machine Bar With Image:
Demo 13  Lead Machine Bar With Video:
Demo 14  Lead Machine Bar With Countdown & Video:
Demo 15  Hero Sized Lead Machine Bar With Countdown:

Social Share Add-On Bars:

Demo 16  Share On Twitter With Custom Message:
Demo 17  Share On Facebook:
Demo 18  Share With Buffer:
Demo 19  Save A Page With Pocket:
Demo 20  Click To Call with Skype:  (uses testing service)