Conversion Gorilla Bar Examples

So you can see the possibilities of Conversion Gorilla , we have created a Demo for Standard, Lead Machine and Social Share bars and placed them on a demo page. All links open in a new tab.

In this article:

Standard Bars:

  1. Simple Message Bar
  2. Simple Message Bar With Countdown
  3. Feature Bar With Button
  4. Feature Bar With Countdown
  5. Hero Bar With Button
  6. Hero Bar With Countdown
  7. Video Hero Bar  uses direct page: with script embedded for sticky
  8. Light Opacity Demo
  9. Close on Button Click with Gradient
  10. Exit Intent Only (attempt to leave the page to see it)

Lead Machine Add-On Bars:

Social Share Add-On Bars:

20.  Click To Call with Skype (uses testing service)
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