What are the different Popup Options?

Popup Monkey comes with 4 different options:

1.     Video Based PopUps

This option is great for sales videos, special promotions, and/or product demonstrations. Any video uploaded online will work (Including YouTube). You can check its demo here: http://popupmonkey.com/DEMOS/Demo1.htm

2.     Graphic Based PopUps
Multiple image formats including: JPG, PNG, GIF can be used for this option. With Clickable Hyperlinks and option to close on click, this option can drive more leads, traffics, and conversions to your page! Click here for its demo: http://popupmonkey.com/DEMOS/Demo2.htm

3.     SWF Flash PopUps
This option allows you to use any Flash Based Interactive content including: Games, Tools, Forms, Polls & Surveys, & More! Check its demo here: http://popupmonkey.com/DEMOS/Demo3.htm

4.     Timer Based Options
Trigger popups to open on page load, or using a set timer to open (& close) the PopUp as required. Check its demo here: http://popupmonkey.com/DEMOS/Demo4.htm