What are the different types of countdown timers?

Countdown Monkey comes with 3 different types:

Evergreen Countdowns
- Just choose how many days / hours / minutes and your countdown will start counting down for each new visitor that arrives on your page. Smart cookie code means the correct time left will be shown to returning visitors.

Time & Date Countdowns
- Set your expiration to an exact date/hour/minute. With every timezone covered, it takes just a few clicks and your promotion is ready to go. Great for launches and special offers and guaranteed skyrocket your sales!

Flexible Expiry Options
- Choose from 3 expiry options...

  1. Do nothing (the timer simply stops) 
  2. Hide (the timer is hidden from the page) 
  3. Instant redirect (send visitors to any URL on autopilot)

All your timers are controlled from your dashboard inside CountDown Monkey.  You can edit/change a live countdown in your dashboard and the changes will be instantly reflected on the page where you have placed your timer!.