Changing Your Username or Email Address

When you register your account for all applications, except Genius Lander, you choose your username and password and tell us what email address to use when sending you account information.  In the case of Genius Lander, your account identifier is set as your payment email

Once your account is created  we cannot change your username as it is used to encode your account to ensure uniqueness within our database

The username does not appear on any of the items you produce - it is seen only by you 

If you have changed email servers please send us both the old and the new email addresses and tell us which products you have an account in and we will make the necessary changes within 48 hours of your request.

We recommend you use a password manager to assist in remembering your login URLs, usernames and passwords such as  RoboForm, LastPass, etc

You can manage your own password by using the FORGOT PASSWORD feature that you find on the logon page.