Quick Start Guide to Setting up Your Reseller Page In ProfitsCommand

Be sure to read  What is ProfitsCommand

In this article:


  1. Top Menu
  2. Notices
  3. List of your pages

When you purchase the MonkeyPlayr Reseller license, the relevant Done For You page and Licensed Reseller Template will be added here when you activate your license (See:  Activating Your Reseller License)


The buttons in the Actions column are for

  • Activate/Deactivate the page
  • View the page
  • Edit the page
  • Get the codes for the page
  • Reset the stats for the page
  • Delete the page

Get Started With Your Reseller Page

The MonkeyPlayr page is all ready for you to promote - You can see exactly what it looks like by clicking the "View Page" button in the ACTIONS.  All you need to do is connect the Call to Action button to your chosen payment link

First you have to decide which shopping cart you are going to use or if you are going to sell directly via PayPal. You can find instructions on how set up your product in the FAQ of the relevant shopping cart.  If you want to recruit affiliates to your product we recommend you go with one of the shopping carts that will handle the affiliate payouts for you. 

Call To Action Button Settings

  1. Edit the page you have in your dashboard

  2. Find the CTA Block and click on it

  3. Set up the text you want on the button, the colors, border, etc. Paste your Payment Link in the field LINK OVERRIDE
    (For How to find your payment link - check the Related Articles listed at the end of this one)

  4. Save by clicking OK

Note: This button is linked to the Success Link URL in Page Settings... unless you specify an override in the CTA block settings


Click Save&Exit and you will see the "Get Codes" window.
You can also call up this window by clicking the GET CODES icon in the  ACTIONS

  1. If you want to promote your page using your own domain URL, then you can download it from our servers and upload it to your own
  2. Use this link to promote your page on our servers... you don't need hosting!
  3. This is your Reseller Link - this is the URL you need to give to your subscribers in the Welcome email
  4. Promote your page directly to Social Media for massive coverage