Quick Start Guide to ProfitsCommand with MemoChimp

Be sure to read  What is ProfitsCommand

In this article:

Click  HERE for the Quick Start Guide for MonkeyPlayr Reseller License Pages


  1. Top Menu
  2. Notices
  3. List of your pages

You will see that we have gifted you a Reseller License to MemoChimp.  You can give away or sell MemoChimp and keep all the profits.  The Done For You page is to help you build your list - give MemoChimp away for free in exchange for name and email address. 
When you purchase more reseller licenses, the relevant Done For You pages and Licensed Reseller Templates will be added here when you activate your license (See:  Activating Your Reseller License)


The buttons in the Actions column are for

  • Activate/Deactivate the page
  • View the page
  • Edit the page
  • Get the codes for the page
  • Reset the stats for the page
  • Delete the page

Get Started With MemoChimp

This is as easy as 1-2-3!   See how...

1: Integrate your Autoresponder Service with your ProfitsCommand Account

ProfitsCommand integrates directly with these autoresponders: Aweber, GetResponse, ConvertKit, MailChimp and Active Campaign. Don't worry if your autoresponder service is not on the list - so long as you can get the RAW HTML of your opt-in form you are good to go!

Please follow the instructions given  HERE to complete the integration with your account

2: Set Up Your Opt-in Form

Now you want to choose which list/campaign in your autoresponder account is to be the recipient of the signups from this page.

Please note that in your autoresponder list/campaign you need, as usual, to add the messages to go out to the subscriber - most importantly, the first "Welcome" email should include your Reseller Link to MemoChimp as promised on your "sales page".  We strongly recommend that you do NOT give out your reseller link on the Thank You page or the Redirect URL since some prospects will give a false email address just to get your gift! However, if you include the link in the first (welcome) email in the sequence, only genuine subscribers will get your "gift"

Follow the instructions  HERE to link your page to your opt-in form

Thank You Message: This is the message your prospect will see when he clicks on the "SUBMIT" button to give you his name/email 

Redirect URL: If you want to redirect your prospect to another promotion or to your blog, etc, you can enter the URL here.

3: Promote!

Click Save&Exit and you will see the "Get Codes" window.
You can also call up this window by clicking the GET CODES icon in the  ACTIONS

  1. If you want to promote your page using your own domain URL, then you can download it from our servers and upload it to your own
  2. Use this link to promote your page on our servers... you don't need hosting!
  3. This is your Reseller Link - this is the URL you need to give to your subscribers in the Welcome email
  4. Promote your page directly to Social Media for massive coverage