What is ProfitsCommand?

So glad you asked!

ProfitsCommand is the Membership Control Center for Monkey Web Apps Resellers 

Yes, you may have promoted our Monkey Web Apps via your affiliate link in the past but how about if you could "own" your own Monkey Web Apps and "sell" them as your own - keeping ALL the profits?

ProfitsCommand is your free-to-join command center for doing just this.  Each time you purchase a Reseller License to a Monkey Web Apps you will be given an activation code that needs to be applied to your account.  To see how to do this please check out our article:  Activating New Reseller License

ProfitsCommand is where you will create your sales/promo pages for the Monkey Web Apps you have purchased a license to. 

  1. Licensed Reseller Templates - this is a base template for all the Monkey Web Apps you are licensed to sell
  2. Each one comes with a Done For You page - which you can 
    1. use as-is by clicking the green button under "Actions" or 
    2. edit by clicking the orange button under "Actions"
  3. You can clone the base template and make changes should you wish

Getting Started

When you first sign in to your dashboard you will see that we have gifted you a license to give away MemoChimp to help build your list. If you want to use MemoChimp yourself - go ahead and sign up using your own link that you will find on your MY ACCOUNT page

Then move on to our  Quick Start Guide