Set the List/Campaign the Subscriber will be added to

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Where to integrate your Autoresponder with ProfitsCommand 

If you put an opt-in form on your ProfitsCommand page you need to integrate that page with the relevant autoresponder list/campaign of your choice within your autoresponder account

ProfitsCommand integrates directly with Aweber, Get Response, Mailchimp, ConvertKit and Active Campaign.  Link your ProfitsCommand Account to your autoresponder please see the article:  Integrate your autoresponder with ProfitsCommand

For other autoresponders - you need to choose the "Custom Code" option  and paste in RAW HTML code.  This will insert your opt-in form on the page, which in turn adds any leads to that list in your autoresponder.  See below for more details

API Integrated AR 

  1. Use the dropdown arrow to choose your AR Type
  2. Use the dropdown arrow to choose the list in your autoresponder account that you want the subscriber added to

Custom Code:

Copy the HTML code from your autoresponder:

In ProfitsCommand

  1. Use the drop down arrow to choose Custom Code as your AR Type.
  2. Paste the copied code into the box :Custom AR Form


Sendlane doesn't use a standard naming convention system throughout it's different forms for us to be able to pick up on correct fields. ie. What the "Name" field might be called on one Sendlane form is different from what it might be called on another Sendlane form so there is no way to pick it up automatically.

Rapid Mailer

Integration with Rapid Mailer seems to be a little different. A kind customer sent us this video of integrating Landing Page Monkey with Rapid Mailer and we believe you will have to do something similar to integrate ProfitsCommand with Rapid Mailer

Do let us know if this is not the case!