Image Hacks

Here Are Some Hacks To Make It Super Easy To Add Images To Your Commission Gorilla Page

Firstly, you need to decide what image you are planning on using.

If it is from the  vendor's sales page or affiliate resources, you can get the full URL right from the vendor's image
- and use  Methods 1 & 2

For Windows, you do this by right clicking on the image, selecting "Copy Link Location" or some wording close. The URL will now be on your clipboard ready for pasting. In Safari copy the image and paste it in the URL bar to get its link.

If you are using  your own imageMethod 3 is the easiest but you can do Methods 1 &  2, you just need to 
upload the image to your Dropbox, own webspace, Amazon S3, etc and get the URL from there.

1: Use a TEXT block and click on the image icon to insert the image

Drag and Drop a Text block where you want the image
You need the full URL for the image
Image width max is 800 px, max size: 5 MB

Note: You can host your images anywhere on your own webspace as long as you put in the full URL.

2: Use An IMAGE block to insert image

Drag and Drop an Image Block where you want the image
Again, you need the full URL of the image
Image size: 250x300

3: Use a BONUS block

a) Create a Bonus Block to hold an Image only

     Simply upload your image
     Image width max is 800 px, max size: 5 MB
     Delete all text in the "Delivery Page Text Box" then hit save

b) Now click on My Pages and find the page you want the image on.

    Add a bonus block where you want the image and select the image block you just created

Enjoy Images!

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