ChitChat Chimp Advanced User Tips and Tricks

We have introduced some Advanced Features to ChitChat Chimp chat bot.

Markdown In Answers

BOLD TEXT: You can make text bold by enclosing it between twin asterisks :

  • In your answer: **my bold text** 
  • Customer sees: my bold text

ITALIC TEXT: You can make text italic by enclosing it between single asterisks:

  • In your answer: *my italic text*
  • Customer sees: my italic text  

BOTH BOLD AND ITALIC: You can make text bold AND italic by enclosing it between 3 asterisks:

  • In your answer:  ***my bold and italic text*** 
  • Customer sees:  my bold and italic text

IMAGE: You can insert an image in an answer with the ! command 
The syntax is : ![alt-text](image-url)
So an example would be :  ![mediakettle logo](  

External Links

This features enables you to put links in your answers to direct the viewer to a different page, to call on the phone or send an SMS

Redirect URL
Click [HERE]( to go to Google

would appear to the viewer as

Click HERE to go to Google 

and "HERE" would be hyperlinked.  Of course, you can use any word you want to be hyperlinked.  
NOTE:  The link will be opened in the same window thus directing the viewer away from the page he is currently viewing.

Telephone Call

Call us at [ 1-976-333-1111](tel:1-976-333-1111)

would appear to the viewer as

Call us at 1-976-333-1111

with the phone number hyperlinked

Send SMS

Click [HERE](sms: 1-976-333-1111) to send us a message

would appear to the viewer as

Click HERE to send us a message

External Bot Triggering

This feature allows for a bot to be triggered by a click on another element on the page.  All you do is add the class "ccc_trigger" to any element and when it's clicked the bot will slide up.  If you combine this with the "Hide Bot" feature it could be very effective
You could have, for example, a button that says: "Click this to open our support bot."
Also, you can have it on as many elements on the page as you like. If the element already has a class you can still add this one.  It can be added to any element including divs, images, buttons, links etc etc...
<button type="button" class="ccc_trigger">Press Me</button>
Or a hyperlink example with multiple classes :
<a href="#' class="bootstrap-link-class ccc_trigger">Click here for support</a>
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