Keywords and Questions

You may find that your customers ask the same question in many different ways - and so the bot won't have the exact question/answer match. Please note that the bot is not case sensitive so the arrangement of capital/lower case letters is immaterial. 

As your bot's answer database grows your bot will grow smarter too...  We've built in a 'close match' question algorithm that works behind the scenes to provide answers to questions that are NOT already in your answer database.  If your bot doesn't have a pre-programmed answer to the exact question it searches its answer database using this algorithm to find the best match and provide an answer. 

It does this by attempting to match "keywords".  If it finds a question that contains at least 3 matching keywords, it will provide this answer.

When this happens your bot will still save the question in your "UNANSWERED QUESTIONS" but it will tell you it answered the question.  You should then check if the reply was good and if so hit the save button, or you can edit the answer for all future replies to that specific question.
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