Answering "Unanswered" Questions

When you login to your account dashboard you'll see a list of questions your bot could not answer - Now you can go through these and provide single or multiple replies so the next time the bot is asked the same question it will know how to respond. 

For example:

Your Visitor: "How long will it take me to learn your system?"

Your Bot's Default Reply (didn't know the answer) "Sorry, I don't have information on that - Would you like to contact support?"

You add the answer via your dashboard: "Our system is simple and you can learn it in just a few hours"

Now the next time your bot is asked that same question it will automatically respond with the right answer (even better you'll begin to spot gaps in your sales copy where people are needing more information)

You can also add in MULTIPLE replies to a question and the bot will use them randomly to create a more natural conversation.

For instance to the question "Can you tell me a joke?" you could add in the following answers

"What's the difference between roast beef and pea soup? -- Anyone can roast beef."

"What did the fish say when he swam into the wall? -- Damn"

Just enter the first answer then hit return to enter another and now your bot can respond to the same question with multiple replies (great for entertainment/engagement bots)

When you answer an 'unanswered' question it moves from the unanswered list to answered list where you can subsequently change or edit the replies if the answers ever need to be modified or updated.

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