ChitChatChimp Tips and Tricks

Here we'll list some of the tips and tricks we use while creating and training our bot

Add New Question

When adding a new question, be sure to enter ALL possible variations of the question that you can think of - and then ALL variations of the answer.  This will hopefully "catch" most of the questions as your customers ask them and save you having to answer each variation individually from the Unanswered Questions list.

Use Multiple tabs

To save loading questions each time you change from Answered to Unanswered Questions, we have each open in separate tabs and switch between the tabs

Shared Questions

To save having to answer all the same questions for multiple bots, we recommend you make company wide information/answers available to all your bots by clicking the SAVE SHARED button

Stock Answers

For the best customer experience, you do need to answer all variations of a question, eg: can I get a refund, how do I get a refund, is there a refund, how long is refund period, etc.  To speed this up we recommend you keep a text file of your "stock answers" so you can copy/paste your way through unanswered questions

Answer Questions in "Batches"

Use your browser "search" facility to find a keyword.  Work through the unanswered questions with this keyword - either pasting in the stock answer or giving a new answer as necessary.  After saving, this question will have "disappeared" from the list so you can click "next" on the browser search to move on.

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