ChitChatChimp Quick Start - Step 5 - Questions - Unanswered

Questions - Unanswered

When customers interact with your bot and ask a question you haven't previously provided an answer to, one of the "Fallback" answers is given:

These will show up in your Dashboard as Unanswered Questions

To access your unanswered questions to answer them:

  • Click on the Number in the Unanswered  Column - this takes you directly to the unanswered questions for this particular bot only
  • In the top menu select Questions, Then UNANSWERED:

You can sort by the column headings, eg: alphabetic questions, date of asking, group unanswered/guessed (see below)

For each question you can 

  • Answer: You can supply 1 or more replies (but not edit the question), then save the reply for
    • Just this bot as a bot specific answer
    • This bot and 1 or more other bots (again, in bot specific sets)
    • This bot and Shared - available to all bots Once a question is answered it disappears from the Unanswered list (because it is now on the Answered List)

Delete: If you choose to delete a question - please remember this is FINAL! You will receive a warning and have the opportunity to confirm your delete request


When a customer asks a question, ChitChatChimp 

  1. Takes the question and searches for an EXACT match.
  2. If that fails, it strips all punctuation,  converts to lower case and removes all plurals and searches again.
  3. If that fails, it removes all common words (from a table we have programmed) and then searches just for "non common" keywords.

If finds a match in either of steps 2 or 3 the bot will answer the customer and mark the question as answered BUT put it in the UNANSWERED list so you can check the answer You can now click ANSWER and see the answer given. If it is suitable, just click save.  If not, edit the answer as for an unanswered question

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