ChitChatChimp Quick Start - Step 2 - The Dashboard/My Bots

ChitChatChimp Dashboard - My Bots

Once you login you will arrive at your dashboard.  The first time, there are no bots but don't panic - we'll soon have some here!

If you have used any of our other Monkey Web Tools you will be familiar with our dashboard layout.

We will be explaining each item in the Top Menu one at a time.  The Dashboard is shown when you click on MY BOTS

For each bot that you have created you can 

  • Questions:
    • Unanswered - Click on the number to go to the list of unanswered questions that specific bot
    • Answered  - Click on the number to go to the list of answered questions for that specific bot
  • Actions:
    • Edit - Change anything and everything - just like when you created it!  See the Quick Start - New Bot
    • Clone  - This will clone the bot itself and the settings you selected .  It will also clone the questions and answers added to this specific bot but NOT any unanswered questions
    • Get Code - This will pop up a window giving you the code to copy and paste where you want the bot to live
    • Delete - This will delete the bot and all its specific questions and answers (answered and unanswered) For more information see the Quick Start - Questions
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