What does Commission Gorilla actually do?

The main concept that lead to the development of Commission Gorilla is that of creating Bonus Promotion Pages fast. With the ability to build a library of bonuses that can be dragged and dropped into a page. Commission Gorilla makes building these Bonus Pages really fast.

Once you have designed and built your ideal promo page, you can clone it, change the bonuses, edit the text, etc, either to split test or for a completely different product

The pages are built using blocks - these blocks are text, graphic, video, Call To Action(CTA), etc, and of course, bonus blocks. The blocks can be arranged in any order you like - so in actuality, you can build any page... except an Opt-in page as there is no facility to enter code.

One of our unique selling points is that you don't need to know a lick of code to make beautiful pages.

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