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Popup ChatBox
Inline Chat Bot                                                               

If you wish to add your chat bot across your entire site, to specific categories or custom post types we recommend you install a free plugin called "Header Footer Code Manager" available from

Install and activate the plugin and follow the instructions to add a new code snippet.
[With the plugin you can choose where to run your chat bot via the 'site display' setting] 

A benefit is that when you add the snippet, the plugin creates a shortcode too which can then be placed directly onto a page or post WITHOUT having to switch to the text editor.

The code snippet for a popup chatbox from Chitchat Chimp is the first one given when you save your chatbot:

NOTE: Adding your ChitChat Chimp code directly to your WordPress page by changing to Text view instead of Visual view and pasting the code there - does not work for a Popup ChatBox!

Inline ChatBot

To place your ChatBot on your WordPress post or page,

  1. Copy the code given for the inline Chatbot

  2. Switch to TEXT view in your WordPress editor

  3. Paste the code
  4. Publish your page/post
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