Export/Import Feature

We have a new and exciting Export / Import feature in Commission Gorilla! 

(Note: EXPORT is only available if you have chosen the PRO UPGRADE)

This means you can easily create a page to promote your product and share your promotion pages with your JVs

Note: If your JVs don't have Commission Gorilla give them your affiliate link and recommend they get it!

How it works :

1.  On the Get Page window for any promotion page,  you will now see an Export Code box. (This will be blank if you are not a PRO Account Holder)

2.  You can copy this code and give it to anyone else with a Commission Gorilla account.  
3.  You will now see (on the My Pages screen) a red Import button. 

If you press this you will get a window that lets you enter an Export code.

4.  Once you do that,  the bonus page will be imported into your account as a "cloned" page.  You need to give it a name, etc in the Page Settings Panel

Important Notes:

  1. The bonuses themselves are not imported into your account for obvious reasons.  An importer won't be able to use an exporters bonuses on any other page.  They are only on the imported page. 
  2. If an exported page includes our DFY bonuses on a page but the importer does NOT have the DFY option on their account then those bonuses will not appear on the imported page. If you are planning on offering your promo page as an export, stick to your own bonuses or the DFY Specials that everyone has.
  3. You cannot export a page you have imported. This applies to all the Built-in Promote Pages (ie all except Best Practices Template and Webinar Replay Template)
  4. When the owner of the page (ie the person who gave out the export code) changes a bonus graphic, it will automagically be reflected on all the promo pages already imported as well as any newly imported ones
  5. If the owner changes anything other than a bonus graphic - this will only be reflected when the page is imported
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