Integrate Commission Gorilla with WordPress

Integrating Your WordPress Site with Commission Gorilla

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First you need to install the plugin:
1. Go to My Account page
2. Download Wordpress Plugin 

3. Go to your WordPress site - Add new plugin - upload Commission Gorilla plugin - install - activate
4. Back to My Account Page - copy the activation code
5. Back to WP plugins - click "configure the settings" - paste it and click Update settings

Now add your page to your blog
6. Click on Commission Gorilla in the left hand menu
7. To add a new link:

a. Click Add New link
b. Redirection Type: Select Permanent or temporary
c. Select your Commission Gorilla Page from the drop-down list
d. Give your page a name: could be:  mypage  or MyPage
e. Click Add Link
8. To view/use your links: 
a. Click on Links in the menu on the left to see a list of the links you have set up
b. You can Edit/Preview/Delete your link