Can I split test a CG Promo when the bonus isn't delivered via JVoo?

For split testing Commission Gorilla pages where the delivery is not automatic, as it is with JVZoo, we suggest one of 2 options:

1) Where you put the instructions for your prospect to contact you for the bonuses with their payment receipt, you include the instruction to "Quote Reference: XXXXX"  where you specify a different reference code for each of the separate Commission Gorilla pages you are testing.  Then you will have to keep track of the statistics yourself
2) Have a lead capture page as your delivery page with something like "Please register your account to receive the bonuses". The fields you would capture are at least email address and transaction ID.  You would put your conversion code on this page. STMV2 would then track the statistics for you and you could check the transactions and send the delivery information to the given email (as for option 1)
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