Test Settings for Conversion Race

Conversion Race picks a winner based on the 1st variant to reach x conversions.  

First Variant to Hit x Conversions indicates when you want the race to be ended and a winner called.

Safety Margin can be left at zero to disable BUT if more than zero then it is the difference that must be achieved between positions 1 and 2 before a winner is declared.

So, for example :

First Variant to Hit x Conversions: set as 130
Safety Margin set as 10
2 variants in the test (A and B)

If A has 130 conversions and B has 115 conversions then A is promoted to Winner
if A has 130 conversions and B has 125 conversions then no winner is chosen yet as the safety margin hasn't been reached
(ie. The difference between 1st and 2nd place is 5 but safety margin is 10)

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