When does the Evergreen Cookie Expire?

When you place an Evergreen Countdown on a page, the page writes a cookie to the viewer's computer - perfectly legal! 

This ensures that the timer counts down from the first time the prospect visited the page.  If the prospect clears his cookies - the evergreen countdown will re-start, and write a new cookie

If the customer never clears his cookies, the countdown timer cookie will expire after 500 days. However... if you make any changes to the Countdown timer in your dashboard, the cookie details will be reset.  This means that any pages on which you have placed the timer will display the new details - without you having to change anything on the pages!  So, for example, you can re-start an evergreen campaign 2 months after the first one expired - by changing, for example, the name.

Please note that the Safari browser, by default, does not store cookies - so evergreen timers won't work on Apple devices unless the owner of the device has  previously enabled cookies