Thank You Page hacks

Here Are Some Hacks To Help You Make Your Thank You Page Awesome!

In this article:

The Bonus Delivery Page is created automatically while you are creating your bonus promotion page.

For every "Bonus Block" you drag and drop from your library to your bonus page, the "Delivery Block Text" will be added to the Thank you page

This could result in your page looking like:

Bonus Delivery Page Header

You can make it bit more attractive by adding  the Delivery Page Header:

So now your page would look better...

This way, you have to add the header image every time you create a new page


To make it quicker and easier to add your logo to each and every Thank You page, or if you want to dress up your Thank You page even more, you can insert invisi-blocks on your bonus page.
Remember, these are blocks that DO NOT appear on the promotion page but DO appear on the Thank You page.

Create a New Bonus, select Invisible Block (type 4)  Call it Header, add your logo/header image

Repeat this step but call it "Footer" or "signature" and insert the appropriate information/images

Now when you create your Bonus Page, be sure to include your Header Invisible Block as the FIRST bonus block 
and your Footer Invisible Block as the LAST bonus block.

These "invisible" blocks won't show up on your promotion page but will show up on your Thank You page!

This is a page created using this "Hack". Everything inside the red boxes is made up of "invisible" blocks

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