Current Price of Monkey Marketing Tools

From time to time we run promotions for our products - just like any successful retail business!  Be sure to check out the NEWS section frequently to find out about our current promotions

If you have purchased one of our products in the past at a higher price than it is on offer for this very limited period, you actually have a head start over the people who are only just purchasing now and still have to learn the ropes.  We believe that this is worth exponentially more than the amount of the discount that new customers are getting during this brief promotion.

The following prices exclude any currently running promotions

Product Current Price
LandingPage Monkey
Lifetime Access $69
Annual $49
Commission Gorilla
Lifetime Access $69
Annual  $49
Monkey Web Apps
which includes
  1. Attention Monkey
  2. CatchaMonkey
  3. Countdown Monkey
  4. MonkeyPlayr
  5. PopUp Monkey
  6. SocialShare Monkey
  7. MemoChimp
After 14 day trial period, $20 per month
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