MonkeyPlayr on a Secure Server

When you are placing your player on a page stored on a secure server, i.e the URL starts http s:

  1. If you are using WP on a secure (https) site then, depending on the plugins you have installed and the options set on your server,  you may have to try the image link with both "http" and "https" to find out which one works.  The same MAY apply to a non-wp site but results may differ.
  2. Make sure secure mode is ON 
  3. Make sure you tick the "Check this if you use a secure (https) server " checkbox before copying the script snippet.

Check out this screenshot for number 1 and 2

And this screenshot for number 3:

Please take the script shown and paste it again to your page - you will see that the URL now starts with https is useable for a secure server.

IMPORTANT:  When you are testing different options,  in between each test you must clear your browser cache completely and close and then re-open your browser to avoid cached images and pages causing a false result.