Webhooks and Your App

Your app can be integrated to send subscriber data  TO Zapier and Pabbly using the “Webhooks”.  You can find out more here:

To capture a subscriber's name and email:

  1. Create a webhook inside your Zapier/Pabbly account
  2. Copy the webhook URL from #1
  3. Go to your App item
  4. Click on the arrows In the field to choose Autoresponder, scroll to the bottom of the list and choose ZAPIER - yes this will work for Pabbly too 😉
  5. In "Webhook" field, paste the Webhook URL
  6. Click on the “Test ”.  If all is successful, be sure to the hit “Save” button
  7. Now go back to Zapier/Pabbly and integrate that Webhook to any of the 1500+ applications inside Zapier/Pabbly.

PLEASE NOTE:  As well as Zapier and Pabbly,  this feature can send data to ANY webhook URL from any service.

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