Genius Lander Q&A

Q1: Can you please send instructions how to add HTML in my post submission email?

A:  We do not allow HTML on our server since it opens the door to malicious code.  You can add a graphic and link it to the URL of your choice.

Q2 How do I increase the size of my Logo on the Attention page? 

A: The idea of the image on the Attention Page is to grab attention - not to promote one's brand - that comes on the product the viewer gets access to.  As you say - no matter what size you upload - the display will be small on display - we suggest a more attention grabbing image

Q3: I am seeing email submits on my Genius Lander dashboard but there are none on my autoresponder. How is that possible?

A: It may be because you have set your autoresponder list to be double opt-in.  Until the subscribers confirm their desire to be added to your list, their details will not show on your autoresponder

Q4: My autoresponder is not on your list, can I still use it?

A: You can use the custom form code option for autoresponders that are not on our list. Please make sure your autoresponder provides you with RAW HTML form code as this is the only code accepted by the system. 

Q5: What happens to my pages if I cancel my account?

A: Once you cancel your account, all the pages you have created will no longer be available. 

Q6: I tried to create new pages but got the error code AWB-001.

The reason for the error message is because your Aweber account is suspended but the API is still connected with GeniusLander.

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