Quick Start Guide to Promoting Using a Built-In Page

In this article we give a step by step guide to creating a promo page using one of the provided Built-In Pages.  We have chosen to use the one for Commission Gorilla itself but you can follow the instructions for whichever product you have chosen along with its Built-In Page

1.  Log into your Commission Gorilla account

2.  Click on “My Pages
2.1. Click down arrow shown
2.2. Select “Promote Commission Gorilla”
2.3. Click CLONE

3.  Click OK to say you realise this is a cloned page

4.  Make sure you are now on New Page - Settings
4.1. Click Page Settings (green gear wheel)
4.2. Rename your bonus page
4.3. Insert your affiliate link (see Step 8)
4.4  Insert the same link here too

5.  Make sure you are still on New Page – Still in Settings – Click Bonus Delivery Page
5.1. Rename your bonus delivery page – anything you like (This is your "Thank You" Page)

Make any other changes to the page that you wish.  You will definitely want to change the signature and maybe some of the wording.  You can also change the order of the bonuses - take some out - put more in.... whatever you like - or use the page "as is"!.  To add Blocks, you will need to click on BLOCKS 

6.  When you're all done – Click Save&Exit

7.  In the box that pops up
7.1. Copy and paste this link into a notepad – this is the link you want to drive traffic to
7.2. Copy and paste this link into a notepad – this is the link you want to add to your promotion within JVZoo where it says “Add Bonuses”. (See Step 8)
7.3. Click OK to finish

8.  Affiliate Link

For Commission Gorilla follow the steps below.  For all other products, head over to https://promotelabs.com/affiliates.  Join the affiliate program and follow the links to find the product you want to promote

8.1. To get your affiliate links for step 4.2 above
8.1.1. Log into your JVZoo affiliate account.
If you do not have one, follow the steps shown on  http://commissiongorilla.com/jv to register for one
8.1.2. Find Commission Gorilla in your approved products
8.1.3. Click GET LINKS – shown at #1 in this screenshot

8.2. To add your bonuses for your promotion in step 7.2 above so that your buyers AUTOMATICALLY get them
8.2.1. Find Commission Gorilla in your approved products 
8.2.2. Click on ADD EXTRAS (see #2 in screenshot above)
8.2.3. Name your bonus and paste the download page URL you copied from Commission Gorilla into the appropriate box

 Now you're all ready to promote Commission Gorilla! 

Take the URL you saved in step 7.1 - YOUR Promotion Page - and post it on social media, 
mail it out to your list with a full review, etc.  However you find it best to drive traffic to a page.

Please note: You can deliver your bonuses by this method for the payment processors that have this feature.  For others, eg Clickbank, we recommend you request that your buyers send you their purchase receipt by email and, once you have checked this is genuine, you can email them the TY page URL.