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Import/Export Feature

PageDyno has now the ability to export pages via a simple code. You can give this code to anyone with PageyDyno and the page will be cloned to their accounts. 

EXPORT: You can find you export code on the "get code" window.  Just copy to paste it where you are distributing it. You can export and give the code to as many people as you like. 

IMPORT: When you receive a code to import a PageDyno page, go to your dashboard and click on CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT, then  the IMPORT button

Paste the given code into the field shown.  Click IMPORT then check the settings, especially the autoresponder ones since these are NOT imported from the original page owner.  Remember to SAVE

Note: you cannot export this page. 

Affiliate Link

You can earn passive income via your PageDyno Pages.  Just add your Affiliate Link in the "Account" section of PageDyno.  This will be used on all PageDyno pages with the branding TURNED ON. You will earn a commission when someone clicks  the link and purchases PageDyno.

NOTE: This is your FULL affiliate URL not just your affiliate ID. 

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