Troubleshooting Conversion Gorilla

If you are having issues with using Conversion Gorilla, please check through the following to see if one of these may be the resolution to your issue.

My Bar Isn't Showing

In Settings -> Visitor Sees Bar, have you set this to "Never Again"? 
If so, you will see it on your first visit and then "never again"!  So you can either clear your cookies after each visit or set the frequency to Every Visit during testing

In Countdown, has the countdown timer expired (for you, if evergreen)
If so, whatever you selected for Expiry Options will have been triggered

My Upgrade Code didn't work

After applying the upgrade code, did you log out and back in again?

Video Not Showing on Bar on Smartphone/Mobile

Videos don't appear (for both Video Mail Sliders and Video Hero Bars) on mobile due to size restrictions. However,` we consider having an option to include them on Video Hero Bars BUT ... we will have to do further testing to make sure it is viable in such a small space.

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