Virtual Research Assistant Bots

Want a quick and dirty way to find out what your audience wants from you or thinks about anything on your site... 

Then simply train your bot to ask a question such as:  

"Thanks for dropping by, what topics should I write more about on my blog?"

Every visitor response to that will be saved to your dashboard as "unanswered" questions, however for you it's instant market research ( and more)...

Why is it more... Okay imagine this...

Let's assume you already have blog post relating to a topic the visitor says they want more of, you could add an answer like this:

BOT "Thanks for dropping by, what topics should I write more about on my blog?"

YOUR READER "More on list building would be good"

BOT "Thanks for letting me know... You might like this post (url) it's all about using chat bots to build your list on autopilot"

See what just happened there? Thanks to Chit Chat Chimp not only do you know what your readers are interested in, but the next time someone responds they want more on 'list building' your bot can direct them to other posts, landing pages and even paid offers relevant to them - Further increasing their engagement with your site and guaranteeing they'll be back for more.

Making that work is super simple too... You simply enter a default response (used when the bot doesn't have an answer) as something like "Thanks that's going on my list of topics" or "Awesome thanks for letting me know"

If a reader ask for a topic you don't have any resources for, it will simply thank them for their answer with a default response, but if you do have a good resource to share your bot will share it in it's reply.  That's great for your readers and great for you too!

If up to now you've been using survey forms or polls to gather market research about what your audience wants then I'm guessing the light bulb just went off over your head about how much MORE POWERFUL Chit Chat Chimp is ( and why it needs to be on your blog like yesterday)

See how easy it is: 

For more information, please check this out:

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