Limits, Restrictions And Domain Locking

With our 'Starter Plan' you can create 1 bot and this bot is locked to a single domain.  You can edit/delete this bot if needed but only 1 bot can be built at any one time.  The bot will only function on it's designated domain, however you can change the bot's domain and transfer it to another domain if required.

With our 'Smarter Plan' you can create up to 3 individual bots, each bot is also locked to it's own specific domain but all 3 bots can be placed on a single domain if required.  This gives you additional flexibility and is currently the most popular account choice.  Just like the Starter plan you can edit/delete bots and you can change designated domains for each bot whenever you choose.

The 'Unlimited Plan' allows you to create any number of bots for your own personal use.  These bots are NOT locked to specific domains and can be used on multiple domains if required.  This is our most flexible plan.

For all accounts chat logs will be stored for 30 days.  If you wish to retain chat logs beyond 30 days ensure you have downloaded them to your computer (you can download each chatlog as a text file from your dashboard) as once deleted they cannot be recovered.

All plans have ZERO restrictions on the number of chats bot have nor are there limitations on the number of questions and answers that can be stored in their databases.

We do not currently offer a white label or plan for users wishing to use our software on their client's websites.  If you currently have clients that need a bot, feel free to recommend they create their own account at ChitChatChimp (you could do so via your affiliate link) and you could incorporate the management of their account within your service charges.  We do not permit users to charge or request fees for use of their personal account or to offer our software as part of their service.  We may introduce this type of plan in the future if sufficient demand exists.

Currently the 'Chat Jacker' functionality is only available with Unlimited Plans.

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