Email addresses and Emails in ChitChat Chimp

The way your chat bot works for customer emails is:


When your customer gives you her email address - ChitChat Chimp will 

  1. acknowledge this in the chat box with the customer using the message at [1],
  2. send an email to the specified address[2] usually your own email address ( if NOTIFY is set to YES [3]) with a transcript of the chat
  3. add the email address to the list specified in AR Integration.

You can then email them personally - since you will have been notified of an email request in your own inbox. In addition you now have their email address in your autoresponder to mail your newsletter to them

This image from the CHATS screen shows that there are 2 "chats"  flagged that an email address was entered .  A handy hint is that if you hover your mouse over the "Email?" column on your Chats screen and the box is set to "YES" (and is red) then the email address of the customer will appear in a tooltip.  You can click this to copy this email address to your copy buffer in order to paste straight into your email client.  This email address is also shown on the Chat Transcript if you press the "View" button.


ChitChat Chimp does not email your customers - that is for you to do either directly to the customer's email address or via your AR series in Aweber.

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