ChitChatChimp Quick Start - Step 6 - Questions - Answered

Questions - Answered

To view the list of Answered questions

  • Click on the Number in the Answered column - this takes you directly to the answered questions for this particular bot only
  • In the top menu select Questions, Then ANSWERED

Once you have given an answer to a question, you can review it in the list of Answered Questions

Answered Questions For: 

  • Shared Bot Questions - these are the questions that all bots are trained to give the standard answer 
  • All Bot Questions - This lists all the questions you have in your account: shared questions and all the questions in all the bot specific lists
  • Bot list - Here you will have a list of your bots.  By clicking on one of these, you will review only the Bot Specific questions. In the example above, we have chosen a single bot

You can sort on all the column headings, ascending (one click) or descending (another click) on the heading area

Questions: The questions the bot has been trained to answer

Added: The date/time the question was added to this list - ie when the answer created!

Asked #: Number of times this specific question has been asked. (This will provide very important statistics once you drive traffic to your bot and get 1000s questions being asked!)


  • Edit: Here you can edit the answer to the question (not the question itself)  You can also save this change for other bots and/or the Shared collection if necessary. 
  • Delete: If you choose to delete a question - please remember this is FINAL! you will receive a warning and have the opportunity to confirm your delete request
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