Creating Social Bars


Here you can make changes on the appearance of your bar. 

Bar Name - the name you give your bar so you can easily identify it.

Bar Color Mode - choose between a solid colored bar or gradient. If you select gradient, you will see the gradient start, end and angle. 

Bar Color - the color of the bar that you prefer.

Message Text Color - color of the text that appears inside the bar

Bar Text - the text you wish to show on your bar


Position - you can set where you wish to show the bar: top or bottom

Scroll Mode -  lets you select if the bar should scroll or float on the page

Push Mode - this option lets you overlay your bar or push down the contents of the page. 

Show on Exit - this button allows you to enable/disable the bar from showing before the user leaves the page

Bar Trigger - you have options on when you wish the bar to appear: Instantly - at page load, After X seconds, after scroll %

Visitor Sees Bar - how often returning visitors should see the bar. There are 4 options: Every visit, once a day, once a week and never again. If you set this to never again, the visitor only sees the bar once on their first visit. 

Lock Bar - this feature allows the user to close your bar if you set this to NO. 

Only Show if Visitor Comes From - If you set a specific URL on this field, the users from that URL will only be the ones who will see the bar. Leave this blank so that all visitors will see your bar.


Social Type - choose what type of social share you want: Tweet On Twitter, Follow On Twitter, Like On Facebook, Share On Linkedin, +1 On Google+, Pin On Pinterest, Follow On Pinterest, Share On Buffer -  And now for the new ones added today :  Share On Facebook, Follow On Facebook, Reddit This,  Post On Tumblr, Follow On Tumblr, Save To Pocket, Call/Chat On Skype

URL - this depends on what social type you select. If you select:

  • Tweet on Twitter: URL to Tweet and the message to tweet will appear
  • Follow on Twitter: Username to follow field will show
  • Like on Facebook: URL of the page to like
  • Share on Facebook: URL to share
  • Follow on Facebook: the URL to follow
  • Share on LinkedIn: URL to share
  • +1 on Google+: URL to +1
  • Pin on Pinterest: Image URL and Image description. Both are optional
  • Follow on Pinterest: Pinterest user URL to follow and full name of the user
  • Share on Buffer: URL and Message to share
  • Reddit This: URL to Reddit
  • Post on Tumblr: URL to post
  • Follow on Tumblr: URL of the blog to follow
  • Call with Skype: Enter your Skype username then select if users can call or just chat with you.


If you haven't got the PRO feature yet, you should grab the opportunity NOW!

With the PRO version, you can remove branding on every bar you create. 

Show Bar Over 3rd Party Site and Title - you can overlay your bar on a different page and this is where you specify the URL and the title of the page. 

Remove Branding

This is the button that disables/enables the branding on every bar. This is a separate purchase from the Pro Upgrade. 

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