Removing YouTube Branding and Ads

Monkey Playr is designed to add functionality to the existing embed player in YouTube and we would recommend you always abide by the terms and conditions set out by YouTube


We do enable you to remove the YouTube logo from the player control bar with our 'Reduce YT Branding' option - just set it to YES.  However without breaking YouTube's TOS we cannot remove the branding from the video itself.

For maximum effect select the following settings:-

  • Secure Mode - OFF
  • Reduce YT Branding - ON (Of course!)
  • Show Controls - OFF
  • Enable Keyboard - OFF

Please be aware, if the viewer is using the Chrome browser, none of these measures are effective since Google owns both Chrome and YouTube so controls what is shown.  If it is important to you to fully remove the YouTube branding it is possible to hide/obscure it. This can be done with our Pro version by using the custom watermark feature - For more information about Pro CLICK HERE


These are the text box type comments that the Video CREATOR can place on their video at various points.  You can control whether or not these are show in MonkeyPlayr.


These are either turned on or off for a particular video by the Video CREATOR.  If it is YOUR video then you need to turn adverts off in YouTube,  If it is someone else's video then it is up to them to allow or disallow ads.

If you are the Video CREATOR then you can follow this guide to turn off adverts :

MonkeyPlayr is Google/YouTube TOS compliant and we cannot block ads