Adding an Image or Video to your Bar

You have 2 choices for adding a video to your bar:
  1. Drive Traffic/Visitors bar
  2. Collect their Email bar

Drive Traffic/Visitors bar

This is available on the Video Hero Bar.

Video Code/URL

What you enter here, depends on where your video is:

  • EVS: enter the embed code
  • Youtube/Vimeo/VooPlayer/Wistia/Screencast : enter the iFrame embed code.  For YouTube. this is demonstrated in this screenflow: YouTube Embed Code for Conversion Gorilla 
  • MP4 video: enter the URL of where the video is online. 

Collect their Email bar

The option to add an image or video is available when you create one of the "Collect their Email...." type bars

In the " Opt In Appearance" tab you can select

  • Image which can be uploaded and hosted on our server
  • Video, for which you give the URL of the video already hosted (note: we do not offer the option to upload videos to our server)

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