Your Feedback Fox Page Codes

You can download your Feedback Fox and upload it to your own server so you can brand it with your own domain name.  Be sure to consider the name of the page you will want when it is uploaded!
Use this URL to use the Feedback Fox page hosted by us
Add your Feedback Fox to an existing page.  To do this you will place the snippet where you want the Feedback Fox to appear on your page.  See below for more details
Share your Feedback Fox on social media

Code Snippet Controls


You can control when the snippet will be triggered

Instantly / On Exit Intent Only - No further fields provided

After X Seconds - you specify the number of seconds should elapse after the viewer lands on your page before your Feedback form is displayed

After % Scroll - you specify the % of your page the viewer should scroll before the Feedback form pops up


You specify how often your viewer will see your Feedback form if they return to your page

Lock Page

Choose "YES" to prevent visitors from closing the Feedback form without leaving feedback

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