Commission Gorilla Now Has "Wide Block" Feature

ALL blocks can now be "Wide".  This makes the system MUCH more flexible and much easier to create modern style pages.

The option to set the width is in a blocks settings screen (the cog icon).

For the majority of blocks they can be set to "Contained" or "Page Width".  
  • Contained means they display as they always have done, contained within the 960px wide content block.  
  • Page Width means the block background color extends to the sides of the page (browser window).  For most blocks,  the actual content still stays within the 960px central content area.  It wouldn't make sense, for example,  for a "Review Block" to stretch across the full screen,  nor a video block - It would just look silly.  
However there are some exceptions :  see below.


  • When a block is set to anything other than "Contained", the BLOCK background color always stretches to full page width.  
  • If the BLOCK Background color is set to "Transparent" then, when width is set to "Contained", the "Inner Page Color" will show through. 
HOWEVER for a NON-Contained block that has a BLOCK color set to transparent,  the OUTER page color/Background Image will show through and the INNER page color is ignored.  This is to allow special effects such as bands of background images showing through, etc.
NOTE:  These width changes do not show in the CG editor of course (our editing screen layout it not really a good place to demonstrate full width blocks) but will show in finished pages.  Our page builder is a "Representational" builder and not a WYSIWYG builder. To see your page - click SAVE&EXIT, take a note of the allocated URL, view in separate tab/window, continue editing if necessary but now you only need to choose to SAVE and then refresh your "viewing" window to see any changes made.


As mentioned, most blocks simply stretch the background to the page width but keep the block content inside the 960px central content area - The following blocks are exceptions to this rule :
1.  Image Blocks - Image block widths can be set to : "Contained", "Image Width" and "Page Width".  
  • Image Width makes the containing block stretch to full page width and the image stretch to whatever it's natural width is.  
  • Page Width also stretches the image so it is the full width of the page (This feature is perfect for headers etc...)
2.  Text Blocks - These can be set to "Contained", "85% Width", "Page Width" and "Background".   
  • 85% Width sets the block to the full page width but the actual text to 85% of the page width (which gives a pleasing left and right border).  
  • Page Width sets the block AND the text to be the full page width.  
  • Background sets the block background color (or transparency) to be the full page width but keeps the text in the central 960px area.
3.  Call To Action Blocks - If a CTA block is set to "Page Width" AND the "wide" checkbox is checked (down near CTA position in the CTA builder) then the CTA will go almost full width (the block will be full width).

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