Driving Traffic Bars

When you create a new bar, you will see that there are options for you to choose from. This article will show you how to create a bar that drives traffic to any site. You will have the option to use a standard bar, feature bar or a hero bar. 


This bar has single line with button. 


Here you can make changes on the appearance of your bar. 

Bar Name - the name you give your bar so you can easily identify it.

Bar Color - the color of the bar that you prefer.

Message Text Color - color of the text that appears inside the bar

Bar Text - the text you wish to show on your bar


Position - you can set where you wish to show the bar: top or bottom

Scroll Mode -  lets you select if the bar should scroll or float on the page

Push Mode - this option lets you overlay your bar or push down the contents of the page. 

Show on Exit - this button allows you to enable/disable the bar from showing before the user leaves the page

Bar Frequency - you can show the bar every x number of days. If you set this to zero, the bar shows every visit. 

Hide Closer - hide the x icon so that the user can not close the bar.

Bar Trigger - you have options on when you wish the bar to appear: Instantly - at page load, After X seconds, after scroll %

Referring URL - there are times when you only wish to show the bar when the customer came from a specific URL. You may specify this here or leave it blank to allow any.


You have two options if you wish to add a timer on your bar: Date/Time and Evergreen.

Date/Time countdown timer

This timer  expires and you get to set the date and time. When the countdown timer ends, the user may be redirected to a specific URL if you specify it on the Expiry Redirect field. If you leave this field blank, nothing happens. Other options are hide bar, which makes the bar not visible on the page to the users, display text, which shows a text that you have set in the expiry text field and the extend time option, which lets you extend the time of the timer to x number of hours. 


This timer allows you to set the number of days, hours and minutes. When the timer ends, it resets. It adds some urgency and will cause many to take action but also gives the opportunity at a later date.

Once a visitor lands on the page it begins counting down from whatever it has been set. On initial visit, timer starts. Once the time expires FOR THAT VISITOR, it restarts the countdown for that visitor.


Button Type - the type of button you wish to appear. By default, the button is square. If you want rounded edges, choose the Rounded option.

Button Color - the color of the button that you prefer

Text Color - the color of the text inside the button.

Button Text - the text you wish to show on your button.

Button Link - the link where you wish to take your users after clicking the button.

New Page - set to yes if you want to open the link on a new page. 


If you haven't got the PRO feature yet, you should grab the opportunity NOW!

With the PRO version, you can have unlimited bars, unlimited clicks, and unlimited sign ups. 

Show Bar Over 3rd Party Site and Title - you can overlay your bar on a different page and this is where you specify the URL and the title of the page.

White Label/Remove Branding - this is the button that disables/enables the branding on every bar. This is a separate upgrade from Pro. 


The bar with dual line and a button.

All the fields are basically the same as ALL the settings in the standard bar. The only difference is you can add a second text line for the feature bar and this can be found under the APPEARANCE tab. 


Watch the video to see how to Drive Traffic using a Hero Bar

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