Countdown Timers in Conversion Gorilla

All bars have the ability to let you add a countdown timer. You can choose from 2 types--Date/Time and Evergreen timer.

Date/Time countdown timer

This timer expires and you get to set the date and time. When the countdown timer ends, the user may be redirected to a specific URL if you specify it on the Expiry Redirect field. If you leave this field blank, nothing happens. Other options are hide bar, which makes the bar not visible on the page to the users, display text, which shows a text that you have set in the expiry text field and the extend time option, which lets you extend the time of the timer to x number of hours. 


This timer allows you to set the number of days, hours and minutes. When the timer ends, it resets. It adds some urgency and will cause many to take action but also gives the opportunity at a later date.

Once a visitor lands on the page it begins counting down from whatever it has been set. On initial visit, timer starts. Once the time expires FOR THAT VISITOR, it restarts the countdown for that visitor.

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