Easy Lead Magnets Q&A

Q: Can I edit the reports, for example, to replace the raw links to products with my own affiliate links?

A: As of now no editing PDF rights are included with ELM. It's a complete Done For You system - page hosting, report provision and hosting, etc.  

For errors: please let us know which report and where the error occurs

For affiliate links: You can follow up with your subscribers via the email systems you use to give them your affiliate link for any product promoted in the report. 

We do have branding removal on the pages right now for Agency - we may look into doing something for the PDFs too if we get enough requests.  This would be for an upgraded level.

Q: Can I re-purpose the content of the lead magnets

A: No. The only rights to the reports in Easy Lead Magnets is to give the reports away for free via an Easy Lead Magnets landing page

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