Using Your Conversion Gorilla Bar/ChatJack on 3rd Party Site

If you place your Conversion Bar or Chat Jack on a 3rd party site, you have to drive traffic/use the URL given in the "Code For Your ..." window for your prospects to see your popup/social share tab.  Only those visiting the site via your personal link with see your item.

But it's not working!

There is a very small percentage of sites that are managed by very web-savy webmasters who do not like their readers being "hi-jacked"... mostly news sites and search engines, and they block iframes - which is what the code for these items is.

If your Popup, Catcha, Attention Bar or Chat Jack is not working on the 3rd party site you have chosen - for example you see only your item and not the page itself, please use one of the links below to test if the website allows iframe before contacting support. (Be sure to put the URL in and do both "Check Headers" and "Check frame killer script")

Sadly there is nothing that can be about this since the owners of the site do, in the final analysis, have the control.

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