Are Pages Created With Commission Gorilla Responsive?

"Responsive" doesn't have an exact one-size-fits-all "specification".  It simply means that a page will appear and be legible on a desktop/laptop/phone/tablet.  Now,  there are lots of ways of achieving this. 

But first lets look at how a normal webpage is arranged. It is, at it's most basic, a series of boxes of content that run from the top to the bottom. 

One way of making this "responsive" is to shuffle around the content of the boxes to make them fit width of the mobile device screen (a la OP2).  This changes the original layout of the page so, for example, a box that had an image on the right and text to the left would end up with the text on top and the image below. 

Due to this being an "ugly" way of displaying a page and the fact that bonuses boxes in Commission Gorilla needed to all look cohesive throughout we decided to do it a different way. 

Relying on the fact that 99% of mobile screens now are an acceptably high resolution we decided to make our page "box layout" stay as it was intended.  To do this, a Commission Gorilla page will auto-zoom to fill the available screen space whilst still keeping things legible and still retaining the intended layout so as to make beautiful pages.  The pages also allow for pinch-zoom in and out on tablets and phones.

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