Storing an Image For Marketing Web Apps

You can  upload your image to your own webspace (website or blog), or use Amazon S3, a paid but very cheap alternative.  An alternative might be Dropbox. Once you have uploaded your images on any of these storage service, be sure to get the actual URL of the image and add it to the URL field in your page settings.

Note: for PageDyno, you can upload an image during page creation. The file must be less than 500KB


The Dropbox Share URL directs you to where you, or others, can view your image.  This link from Dropbox does not allow images, etc to be inserted directly into webpages using this URL.

To pull an image stored on Dropbox directly onto a page, 

  1. Log in to your online Dropbox account
  2. Click on the SHARE button next to the image you want to use
  3. Click the COPY LINK text
  4. Change the URL that Dropbox gives : At the end of the URL, replace  ?dl=0 with  ?raw=1

Dropbox Share URL:
Change URL to:

  5.  Paste this URL into the Image field


To use an image from Photobucket you'll need to the find the image URL. Make sure that you copy / paste the Direct image URL (it ends in .jpg) and ensure it's shared publicly.

Amazon Prime Photos 

is not an image storage service, it's an image delivery service. It doesn't just store the data for an image, it presents a full on web page containing that image. So it is unsuitable for storing images for the Marketing Web Apps


The URL that Imgur gives is to a webpage that displays your image - along with menus and a lot of other information - it is NOT the URL of the image itself.  To get the image URL, 

  1. go to your Imgur URL, 
  2. RIGHT click on the image 
  3. select "Copy Image address"
  4. Use the URL now on your clipboard to add your image to your app

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