Monkey Web Apps and GDPR

PageDyno, Genius Lander, Conversion Gorilla, Commission Gorilla Mailgate, etc are actually conduits for any subscriber information - i.e. they collect the information as per the API/form code from the autoresponder service and pass this information right on.

We are monitoring the APIs/Form Codes for a webhook to handle the consent "tick box".  If the autoresponder service doesn't provide the webhook, we would be enabling you to break GDPR if we have a consent box that needs to be checked in the form but then doesn't actually send the subscriber's identifier, date/time of consent and exact wording of the agreement anywhere (ie to your autoresponder service) because it would be classed as collecting data that isn't relevant.  

Were we to store this data, we would have to implement an additional charge for storing the data for your subscribers since we would then also have to provide support for your customers exercising their rights under GDPR for export, change, delete, etc.

Furthermore, check boxes aren't a legal requirement, they're recommended as a way to ensure the customer takes action. However this can be done by a carefully worded agreement that indicates that clicking the SUBMIT button constitutes agreement.

All the Apps enable you to put links to your Privacy Policy, etc.  

Thank you for your patience 

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