What EXACTLY is Conversion Gorilla

Conversion Gorilla helps you make awesome bars to capture your audience's attention.

Conversion Gorilla is probably one of the easiest to understand and get working tools we have made so far.  The initial goal selection followed by a step by step process should allow anyone with a little common sense to be able to use the software without resorting to reading instructions, watching videos or contacting support.
This has to be our #1 priority over anything else.  
You can create a bar that 
  • matches your site's branding colors
  • contains an opt in form and/ or a countdown timer 
  • appears on page load, on exit intent, after a scroll, etc
  • is overlaid on 3rd party sites (PRO Feature)

Conversion Gorilla is Attention Monkey and Countdown Monkey all rolled into one big gorilla!

The Sales Funnel:

By creating multiple enhancements/add-ons and selling them the way we do, we are able to keep the main/core product affordable for all users and ultimately broaden the appeal and general use of our software.

Rather than place a potentially restrictive price tag on the core product, each user can pick and choose what type of extra functionality they want that's useful for them and their business without paying extra for things they don't need.  

We do not offer "incomplete" products... what is advertised on the sales page (of the main core offering) is exactly what it does without anything missing.  We're happy you want extra functionality and you can add it at time of purchase or at any time in the future (these are not "One Time Offers") to keep your initial investment within your budget.

We believe this is much fairer for all users and increases the breadth of our user base.  We appreciate that some users will want all items offered. Great!  Our cumulative end price is hugely competitive and advantageous even when every add-on is purchased.  However our goal is not to 'scrape' as much money out of people as possible, but to provide the widest audience spectrum the right tool/feature set for them at the best possible price that leads to profitability and sustainability for our business.

Feature Requests:

Any time we add something to the builder we make the platform just a little bit more time consuming to use, a little bit harder to get to grips with and a little less user friendly...  as a result people will use the tool less and return less frequently.  

So each time we think of "what can be added", we also think about what can be removed, what can be simplified, what can be made easier to understand, what can we do to make logging in and building a bar easier and faster.  

Bottom line: Will the new feature or addition/change solve the problems for 80% of users or just 20%

We welcome your suggestions but they will be considered in with the bottom line in mind!

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